The brand founded by Nedzhmie Nasufova Yusufova on 16.03.2018 is honoring her grandfather, who was an inspiration and an idol for the young maker as a child. She is an architecture student and designer currently based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Born and raised in Varna, Bulgaria, Nedji has been interested in art and design since her childhood. In high school she focused on mathematics and programming which sparked an interest in concepts that combine science and art into one. Realising her passion later at university, she discovered the world of complex geometries and immersed in the infinity of parametric design. The young designer is seeking inspiration from nature`s simplicity and intricacy and from people by appreciating our differences and similarities. Digital fabrication allows her to develop design projects without being location dependant. Taking advantage of the freedom that technologies give her, now she travels the world borrowing ideas from different cultures and their traditions.